Santorini, Greece: Top 3 New Places to Visit

So you're visiting Santorini for a few days, have you planned your trip already of which places to go to first? Don't worry, we wrote a list of the three best places you can visit in Santorini for a breath of fresh air! So in no particular order, here they are!

Oia's Main Street

From white-painted Oia Santorini hotels to blue-domed churches and structures, this wonderful sight is brought to you by the village of Oia! Be ready to get awed by the magical and awesome setup the locals have in Oia. The main street is made up of traditional tavernas, restaurants, and shops for goods. There are many tourists going up from the docking station. If you want to avoid the crowd, you can opt for a cable car ride where you can see the village and most of the island from above. Or you can pay for a donkey ride!

Oia's Main Street

Yet, the best way to explore the main street is by walking. You'll get more of the picturesque town by slowly gazing at its inspiring architecture, natural beauty, and accommodating locals. The main street of Oia gives us an idea on how to chill and take the time to appreciate the little things.

Akrotiri Lighthouse

The south tip of the island unveils the romantic and sunset-viewing spot just as beautiful as Oia, the Lighthouse in Akrotiri. Akrotiri is a one bus ride away from Fira and Oia. Also, it is where you will find the ancient archaeological site which is also a must-visit. But we are here for a different purpose. We are here to witness the best feature of the day- sunset! It is romantic because it is a peaceful remote part of the island where you can share the golden hour with the one you love.

The Akrotiri Lighthouse

Hey, you have to be careful on hiking down to the Lighthouse as this is made of steep cliffs. Nevertheless, you will have the best time here!

The Cultural Village

Everyone who visits the island of Santorini eventually becomes captivated with the culture. Let the yourself get lost in the Cultural Village in Pyrgos which the locals call the Old Santorini Town. Here, not only you will notice the beautiful home setting in a traditional town. But also, there's a museum complex where the visitors can take a historical and gastronomic tour of the island!

Pyrgos: The other face of lovely Santorini

The museum houses antiques, old photographs, model figures of locals that generally describe the Old Santorini. This museum complex was established to show the new generations the gift of the past. You will have a good time at the Cultural Village as they serve lunch and dinner to guests. Also, you can taste a set of traditional wines they offer. This place is a must-see for all history buffs and individuals alike!

A Grandeur Santorini Accommodation: The Delfini Hotel in Oia

Your vacation isn't and wouldn't be complete if you will not have a good time in a posh accommodation. The Delfini Hotel in Santorini offers you not only a place to stay at but a magical home away from home where you can rejuvenate and just forget whatever work, problem, or stress you have back home!

This view upon waking up? YES!

The Delfini Hotel is located in Oia. The hotel complex is perfectly carved by the cliff! You have unlimited time to view the Caldera from the veranda of your room or suite! Also, when in Delfini Hotel, you will be greeted by the friendly staffs. So don't be afraid to approach them or ask them about the island. They will surely love to help!

Delfini Hotel with the view of Caldera


Nightlife Guide in Santorini 2016

Did you know that Santorini offers the next best night out experience in your life? Of course, nightlife isn’t exclusive for clubs and bars. But coffee shops and snack bars are also popular in this island! Unlike in Mykonos where all the party animals are headed to, Santorini provides a perfect scene for both intimacy and bliss. Hey, one can still have a good time with a couple of cold booze or a cup of coffee, right? Indeed, the nightlife experience in Santorini is artistically redefined!

The main village of Fira is also known as the social hub of Santorini. At first, the town lets you see a typical busy place for tourists who don’t seem to know where they are headed yet. But wait until the crimson sky turns blue to dark, this is when the magic happens. Santorini hotels, residences, and other establishments lit up their buildings making the whole island glow! If you’ll be in Fira, here are some of the best clubs where you can have a totally cool time with your friends: Enigma, Koo, Tithora, Mamounia, and Town Club. If you are more of an introvert, these cozy coffee shops are also recommended for you: The Pure Coffee Bar, Lava Café, and Art Café. These shops don’t only bring you the best local brew but also, they will provide you the captivating view of the Caldera.
Fira by night.

Love spending time at the beach? You’ll the stunning and unique beaches of Santorini even more! Santorini beach bars are nothing new. Get yourself served with a sparkling drink or really, a glass of margarita or ouzo will be much appreciated. During big events such as summer music fest, there will be guest DJ’s to bring you the upbeat of the scorching hot sun. Santorini beach bars are mostly found in Kamari and Perivolos. These are the bars you shouldn’t miss while at the awesome beach! Ethnic Café Bar, Hook Bar, Mango Bar, and West Stories Beach Bar. You can also enjoy different music genres while hanging out at these beach bars: ethnic, rock music, pumping mainstream, and cool club.

Mango Bar in Kamari, Santorini, Greece

Where to Stay in Santorini?
A relieving view of the Aegean Sea from one of Strogili's apartments.

Staying in a cozy and posh Santorini accommodation such as Strogili Apartments is a must try experience. First, you are free to wake up and chill next to the sight of the Caldera and the Aegean Sea that will surely give you peace and refreshment. Moreover, a variety of facilities and services are available to exceed each guest’s satisfaction. One can also rent a car, motorcycle, or even a boat from Strogili. If you will be in Santorini for the summer or even during the off-peak season, the traditional houses of Strogili in Oia welcomes everyone with warm greetings!
Strogili Traditional Houses


Santorini’s Villages and Towns

Santorini is one of the best islands in the world that should be included in your travel bucket list! The inviting sight of the vivid colors of structures resting on a cliff is one of the mainstream pictures of the island that is located in the southern Cyclades. Haven’t been in Santorini yet? No problem! We will accompany you and tour you to Santorini’s villages and towns today! Tips and travel hacks such as getting you the best deal out of Santorini studios are also included in this article. You better have your pen and paper handy so you can list down a helpful guide that you can make use of for your next holiday in Santorini.


Fira is the capital of Santorini- of both commercial and arts. One of the most obvious things you will notice about Fira is that it is overpopulated with tourists. Why? Not only it is the capital city of the island, but also its suburb, Ornos, is where cruise ships dock. Making Fira the first village most visitors see and experience upon their arrival to the breathtaking island of Santorini. There are a lot of things to do in Fira. One can visit the art galleries and museums here or drop by the largest shopping stores tucked in the cobblestone streets in Fira. Moreover, there are an overflowing number of restaurants, coffee shops and night bars in Fira. You’ll experience the best night out in this village! Tip: Tango and Enigma bars are worth checking out!
Fira Village


Oia and Fira are like inseparable sisters as these villages are the two most developed tourist centers in Santorini. In fact, most of the holidaymakers pick Oia hotels over Fira’s because the settlement of the village on the west gives the tourists the best view of Caldera and the sunset! The traditional town of Oia is also called “Apano Meria” by the locals. Did you know that Oia is one of the most photographed places in Greece and in the world? Thanks to its perfect architecture that features Cycladic houses and villas perched on a cliff and some of the most renown Captains’ houses! Tip: If you are looking for an affordable private apartment or studio during your stay in Oia, Nikos Villas is always up to accommodate your needs. Make sure to give them a call!
Nikos Villas and Apartments in Oia, Santorini.


Another pretty town in Santorini is called Imerovigli. It is only 3 km away from the villages of Fira and Firostefani. For the adventurers, hiking is one of the suggested activities to do in Imerovigli. Make sure to get to the end of the trail, to the Skaros Rock Formation. You can also start a pilgrim here by visiting the Church of Panagia Malteza which houses some of the most important icons that represent scenes from the Old Testament. Tip: This town is only a bus away from Fira yet it offers the most affordable side of Santorini.
Imerovigli and Skaros Rock.


A quiet hillside town that is 8 km away from Fira is Pyrgos which is also the highest point of Santorini. It offers the best panoramic view of the scenic villages in Santorini such as Messaria, Imerovigli, Karterados, Skaros, Firostefani, Oia, and Fira. You will also find two of the most visited tourist sites in Santorini in Pyrgos, the Kasteli, and the Profitis Ilias Monastery. There are traditional restaurants, small taverns, grocery stores, and halls that pump music concerts in the area. Tip: Pyrgos is a must-visit place during Easter! Go see it, yourself!
The Pyrgos Kasteli during Easter!


The most remote village on our list is the Megalochori which is 10 km away from the town of Fira. It is also dubbed as the winery capital of Santorini even the vineyards are widely scattered on the island. Some of the wineries you should see when in Megalochori are the Antoniou, Boutari, and Gavalas Vineyards and Wineries. Moreover, a glimpse of the two remote beaches of Thermi and Plaka and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos is also accessible from Megalochori.
The chapel of Agios Nikolaos.


The 1800 Restaurant: A Place to Dine and Unwind in Santorini, Greece

It is true that Santorini is popular for its dome-shaped structures, pristine beaches, spotless mountains, and hotels and houses that are beautifully painted in blue and white. Another thing that one must not forget to check out are the Santorini restaurants dispersed around the island for one main purpose- to serve the best and authentic Greek menu to the visitors of Santorini. If you will be having your vacation in Santorini anytime soon, here's a fashionable and vintage restaurant in Oia, The 1800 Restaurant.

The 1800 Restaurant in Oia Santorini with the view of the Caldera!
Why should I try 1800 Restaurant?
Not only the best Santorinian dishes are being prepped by the master chefs in here, but also, you will be taught of the knowledge of where this restaurant came from and how it started from scratch back in the old times. Looking back from where the now successful restaurant started, the luxurious and unique "live museum" was then the mansion of a Santorinian sailorman named Ioannis Sarris. The building was originally built in 1845 but had its first restoration and commercial conversion in 1986 by the architect/owner of 1800, Ioannis Zaggelidis.
A delightful dish served at the 1800 Restaurant!

One would appreciate the mini museum you'll find by the entrance of the restaurant where antique wooden sofas and sculptures from abroad are being displayed. It's always nice to experience what's left behind by history while being a part of the history at the same time.

The 1800 Cuisine
If you will be visiting The 1800 Restaurant during your stay in Santorini, here are our favorite picks for you to try!

A delightful dish served at the 1800 Restaurant!
-Enticing menu of roasted fish and seafood
-A heavenly platter of local and international cheeses with mezedes
-The perfect Grilled lamb chops
-Fresh veggies, fruits, and salad served with all the gorgeous colors

Where is The 1800 Restaurant located?
The 1800 Restaurant is located at the northern tip of Santorini, carved on top of a mountain in Oia where one would have the access to the scenic view of the ocean and the town from above.

An intimate dinner at the mountaintop? Yes! Go check out the 1800 Restaurant in Oia!
The 1800 restaurant is a perfect place for you to share a dinner with your other half. It is even the best place for you and your best friends to chat over a magnificent Greek meal served by the multi-awarded chefs in Santorini. Delicious food, delighting faces of restaurant staffs, and the ever great and breathtaking setting at the mountaintop. Another reason to love The 1800 Restaurant is for their exceptional and prime Santorini wines. It is true that 1800 is your one-stop-shop-kind of restaurant and bar!

Happy dining!


Santorini Staycation: Oia Hotel and Nea Kameni

Ah, Santorini. Welcome to the most beautiful island in the Cyclades! You may already have an idea of what's in this island: beaches, traditional houses, castles, whitewashed Oia Santorini hotels, tavernas, and a lot more. But have you ever heard of the volcano hot springs found in a nearby uninhabited island in Thira? This almost tourist-less, sweet spot in Santorini is called Nea Kameni. If you've seen the map of Santorini islands, the Nea Kameni is that tiny piece of land at the center of the crescent-shaped Santorini. Today, we'll be happy to show you around the secret treasure in Santorini. Aside from that, if you haven't gotten your Santorini accommodation booked yet, we'll hep you out in finding the best traditional temporary home for you. Finding the perfect match over a ton of Santorini apartments already part of our job! So chill out and let's explore the rest of the beauty of Nea Kameni!

Ladies and Gents, welcome to the Volcano Island aka the Nea Kameni in Santorini.

Nea Kameni: Volcano and Hot Springs

From Fira, it would only take a 10 minutes boat ride to reach the young island of Nea Kameni where you can opt for a volcano tour or avail the hot spring tour as well. Upon arrival at the Erinia bay, there will be a path wherein you can hike up to reach the base of the crater. Oh, and if we haven't mentioned it yet, this one's an active volcano! Wouldn't it be cool to hike up to the top of the mouth of one of the volcanoes at the Caldera? Although the presence of smokey craters as well as the strong sulfur smell in the air, it is still very safe to visit Nea Kameni. So make the most of your one and a half hours exploring the craters of the volcano island that is Nea Kameni! This trip will surely give you a different insight of Santorini!

When in Santorini, one has to follow their heart up to the craters
in the Volcano Island.

Did you know that Nea Kameni is a volcano island that spontaneously sprouted out of nowhere until 1570, where the series of eruptions formed the island itself. This is also the reason why Nea Kameni is rich of hot springs that offer therapeutic effects. There are some parts of the volcano island that have black waters, the other side of it has a crystal clear pools.

Take a therapeutic bath at the hot springs!

Where to Stay: The Golden Sunset Villas in Santorini

Almost half of the structures that are standing on the grounds of Santorini are considered as Santorini accommodation. These houses are converted to a hotel or apartment to provide tourists a place they can call home even for a few days. The Golden Sunset Villas Hotel in Santorini is one of a kind. It is seen in the beautiful settlement of Oia, where it is clenched in the uphill where you can take advantage of the scenery around and below you. If you look outside your window or your room's balcony, you'll be able to get a clear view of Nea Kameni. Your stay at the Golden Sunset Villas is an unforgettable experience that is worth sharing not only to your family and friends, but you can tell the world of it too! Have an awesome stay in Santorini!

Sunbeds are available at the Golden Sunset Villas Hotel. A perfect time to relax
and chill while waiting for the sunset to view the Caldera.


The One and Only Thing You Shouldn't Miss in Oia

Admire the Santorini sunset in Oia

What are the most cliché-free ways of travelling Santorini? Where do 'first timers' go to have a great time? What does Santorini offers that the other Cyclades do not? These are the questions that pop in someone's head if they are setting their first vacation to Santorini. Santorini is an island best wandered by feet, renting a camel to take you from the bottom to the top of the island is an option of course. Oia is definitely the star of Santorini when it comes to creating your own ‘most unforgettable moment’ list while on the island. It is safe to say that Oia is that part of Santorini that 'never sleeps'. If that sounds familiar for you then, let us together unveil what are the incredible things you can see and do by spending a day at Oia.
Meet the alluring cosmopolitan town of Oia.
Oia acts as the cosmopolitan town of Santorini together with its twin sister, the town of Fira. Oia (pronounced as EE-aa) is the central hub for social gatherings and togetherness. It offers a vibrant nightlife because clubs and pubs are everywhere you look! You can also sight at least one fish tavern near the Santorini studios (that are scattered around the village too) where you can enjoy a wholesome meal with your family prepared by a local chef. 
You should never miss the once in a lifetime opportunity of watching the sunset in Oia.
If you would be asking again, what's the catch with Santorini being the best Cyclades Island among the rest? And what does the volcanic island offers that the other tourist destinations in Greece don't? Santorini offers the best sunset in the world. One thing that you should not miss when staying in Oia, is to climb up to the highest point of the town by scrambling your way into small aisles and busy streets, and get yourself a perfect spot to seat or even stand once you're at the top, and wait for the most beautiful and dramatic sunset watching of your life. After the sun said its goodbye (for the mean time), people start clapping for witnessing such a touching scene as if you just watched an Opera. Anyway, if you don't feel like going out of the way at your already comfortable Santorini accommodation you're at, that's fine. There are many studios that offer a balcony and even a roof deck where you can watch the sunset like at Strogili Apartments in Oia. 
Strogili Apartments' Balconies.
Don't forget to find the not-so-crowded exit after the sunset, but if you're not that lucky, you have to be patient in slowly walking as a zombie with the whole gang, believe it or not, there are massive of tourists and locals who wait for the sunset show. What you can do is calm down because you will be fine, you can get back to your Oia Hotel within the day so take it easy and don't ever panic for it can provoke a stampede.

Thus, you should never miss the sunset while in Oia, Santorini Island. The sunset implies one thing that it’s now time for you to rest and call it a day. Just kidding, it will be a long night at the club with the music pampering your party lover soul! Sunset only signals one thing, you’ll never go home empty stomach with all the beers and Ouzo and Greek foods to consume- it’s only the start of the vivid nightlife in Oia, Santorini! Opa!


Oia hotels - The myth of Atlantis

In the middle of the Aegean Sea is located the beautiful and unique island of Santorini. It is the ideal place to spend your summer vacation to as it easy to find great accommodation which will make sure that you will enjoy the most out of the great view, the Greek sea and the sun. In this matter, Oia hotels are well known as you can find Santorini apartments available for rent and have great view from your own room; this way you can get the most out of your summer experience.
 Although there are indeed amazing facilities and services available to the visitors, there are way more reasons in order to travel there. One of them is the rich history of the island which goes back many thousands of years. An interesting theory regarding the history of Santorini is the one that connects it with the famous legend of Atlantis.
View from Oia, Santorini

While there are several places that have been considered as the land of the famous Atlantis, Santorini is the one gathering the most votes. The main reason that researchers believe is closely related with the volcanic activity that took place there. To be more specific, in the ancient years the island had the shape of a circle. Later on, the volcano erupted, causing half of the island to disappear in the water and giving it the shape that it still has nowadays. The interesting fact that connects them is that Plato put Atlatis approximately in 1500BC, the time that we know that the eruption occurred. In 1960’s the research that was conducted in the area of Caldera has proven that a tectonic plate is located exactly underneath it. Later, more research has been conducted with purpose to find some proof that would connect it to Atlantis; however that was hard due to the frozen magma that exists in the underwater area of Santorini. Of course, there is no actual proof of whether or not Atlantis even existed; nonetheless if it was actually Santorini. However, this idea proves the long and rich history of the island.
Nikos Villas in Oia
When you decide to visit Santorini you should definitely be careful regarding your accommodation there. One of the best areas in which several of Santorini apartments are offered for rent is Oia, a small village in the edge of the island. Among the rest of Oia hotels, Nikos Villas is a favorite one as it offers a great combination of luxurious rooms and breathtaking view. By staying there you will get the chance to enjoy the most out of the famous sunset of Oia in your own comfort and convenience, avoiding on the same time all the spots that are packed with tourists. Last but not least, the relaxing atmosphere will allow you in the end of every day to relax and get rid of all the tension and the tiredness.
Room in Nikos Villas in Oia, Santorini
Altogether, Oia is one of the best places that you can choose for your stay. Whether you choose one of Santorini apartments or one of Oia hotels, it is certain that they will offer you great services and facilities, while the graphic village and the natural beauty of the area will make every single moment there unique.


Oia Hotels - Enjoy a pleasant stay in Ianthe Apartments & Villa and visit the Maritime Museum of Oia

The Maritime Museum in Oia
During last years the island of Santorini has managed to become one of the most popular destinations worldwide. The reasons are many and among them are the great view, the delicious cuisine, the history of the island and the Santorini apartments that offer top quality of services to their guest. On your search for a place to stay, it is important to make the right choice in order to take the most out of this unique experience. One of the best places is Oia as this beautiful Santorinian village can offer you not only breathtaking view but also a great variety of Oia hotels in order to choose the one that will best cover your needs. One of the best is Ianthe Apartments & Villa, as it has plenty of different types of accommodation and it provides to the guest many different services for a pleasant stay.
The view from Ianthe Apartments & Villa in Oia, Santorini

While staying in Oia, you should definitely visit the Maritime museum as this way you will get the chance of a different view of the now famous island of Santorini. Before the touristic breakthrough Oia used to be a great center of sailors and captains. What they did is that they were using their fleets in order to trade goods all around the Mediterranean; they were actually so good that they end up building a lot of luxurious mansions which are still standing nowadays all around the village. The museum itself was built in one of those mansions, after restoration and now it is home to many different exhibits like rare photographs, drawings of the old santorinian ships, seamen’s chest, old maritime equipment as well as rare figureheads and many others, all of which were donated by the locals. It might sounds little bit boring but the truth is that through this visit will make you feel like a part of Santorini’s history, which is actually a long one going back many many years.

This visit at the museum will be even easier if you decide to stay in one of Oia hotels. This way you will be able to choose the day and time that will be the best for you, while you will also be able to use it as an alternative once that you will want to break the everyday routine.
Ianthe Apartments & Villa in Oia
One of the best Santorini apartments located in Oia, is the Ianthe Apartments & Villa. What makes it special is that it combines many different types of accommodation, such as rooms, apartments or even private villas while one the same time it provides top quality services to all of its guest. A major advantage of this hotel is its location, as it provides magnificent view which you can enjoy even while sitting right next to the pool. Altogether, the great services, the landscape and the possibility to choose the best type of accommodation according to your needs, is a great reason why you should choose this hotel as the place to stay during your vacation.
Altogether, no matter if you will pick one of Oia hotels to stay in or any other Santorini apartments, you should bear in mind that getting to know the rich history of the island will be a great plus for your trip. It is practically what divides the tourists and the traveler and while a tourist can easily forget about his trip, a traveler has always some special memories from every place that he visited. The best thing is that Santorini is an island that has the potential to find a special spot in the heart of every visitor.